Transgender bathrooms... where is the argument?

Transwomen are women

No they aren't, transwomen are men by any fair definition of the word man.

This is sounding very TERFy.

It's just biological fact that trans is total bullshit. Some feminists see that, so do conservatives, so do a few liberals like me who haven't fallen for the "inclusive" groupthink nonsense.

It's hypocritical for bi and gay men to stand up for trans people's rights

I agree with that because what are called trans rights are fatal to gay rights. You can't even define sexual orientation if trans is a real thing. Do gay men lick vaginas? If transmen are men then being gay means absolutely nothing.

All those "trans kids" are just gay and lesbian being put on drugs and hormones and having their breasts cut off. It's conversion therapy and it's sick as hell.

hen the people coming after trans people are finished, they're going to go straight back to attacking the LGB portion of LGBT rights.

Transgender is a much worse attack on gay people than anything conservatives have come up with. I'd take Jesus Camp over being told I'm in the wrong body and injected with estrogen.

Transgender needs to be fought not supported.

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