[TX] I saw a malnourished cat on my neighbor's driveway and tried to check on it. I got a knock on my door later in the evening from cops accusing me of trespassing.

Is calling the police excessive?

It's an overreaction, but the law is on his side.

The lawn and driveway are connected with the public sidewalk.

That doesn't make his lawn or driveway public property.

There is no fence and there was no 'NO TRESPASSING' sign visible.

Fences and signs are deterrents - they are not required when establishing whether or not a person is trespassing. You entered private property without permission, which is the textbook definition of trespassing.

That said, I'm sure the police were rolling their eyes and had no intention of taking any real action against you, but theoretically if you went onto his property again then you could be arrested.

Just avoid this guy and don't leave the sidewalk if you walk by his house.

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