UK Counterterrorism Head Confirms Meghan Markle Faced “Disgusting And Very Real” Threats To Her Life From Far-Right Extremists While Living In The UK

I agree, it's absolutely insane, hence my comment on so many of your country's people having melted their brains with racism.

The worst in my mind was the idiots who claimed Michelle was secretly a man. Fuck all of you who said that shit. Quite frankly, she was a very classy First Lady and most importantly, you could actually tell that the Obamas had a happy and supportive marriage based on real love. Not only that, but for all his faults, it was clear Obama respected the presidency. To go from that to Trump who paid hookers for affairs, has a trashy gold digger wife, and completely disrespected the office with his attitude was so disappointing, let alone to have so many people look to that attitude and family and think "this is a man of God and American morals" is just mind boggling.

All speaking outside any political actions or beliefs, just speaking entirely on the attitudes towards morals, family and respect for office during their presidency, the difference was night and day.

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