Uncomfortably hot, always

I definitely experience this and was also wondering if it’s a result of my high anxiety and hyper vigilance. I took my dog to the vet and my face was fully beaded with sweat and it’s 50 degrees out and I dress cool. I didn’t think I felt nervous. It’s a bizarre phenomenon that I can’t tell if it’s an undiagnosed illness or my anxiety. My clothes can become drenched with the least exertion.

I also have constant and severe fatigue and weird aches and pains and numbness and tingling. I’ve been to several doctors and no one seems to know or care. Some saying it could be the PTSD (although I can tell I’ve studied more about PTSD than they have) and some are very patronizing, just wrote me off as some “mental patient “ and it’s all in my head. That’s difficult to take, esp since i work in healthcare. I honestly don’t know anymore. But if it is caused by CPTSD, it doesn’t diminish the impact experiencing all of that has on your life.

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