User in /r/ReadyorNotGame asks if there will be a school shooting map in the tactical SWAT simulator. Dev responds, "you better believe there will be". Game is dropped by publisher, and reddit reacts.

If your product is shitty, involves graphic deaths of kids, and is capitalizing on serious issues without any nuance, and your fanbase in general is annoying, I'm not gonna care if it fails. Sorry if that offends you but that shouldn't be a controversial statement lmao.

Lol. I'm certainly not the offended on here. I couldn't care less about this mission being in the game or not but it considering you're pearl clutching over an artistic medium representing real issues it certainly seems you're the one extremely offended. There have been countless of media out there that have capitalized on serious subjected both fictional or not. Between columbine history books or fantastic movies about school shootings like "We Need to Talk About Kevin" it's been done to death. Again, being offended for the sake of being offended.

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