I’ve [30m] followed all conventional advice, yet I still can’t get a girlfriend

A few thoughts:

Bald is not better than balding. Who told you that? Bad advice! Young balding guys are super cute :)

Height is sadly one of these superficial things that seems to be particularly 'in' right now. But there are plenty of 5'4 women out there who honestly are just looking for someone not shorter than them. The right woman won't mind at all.

The university I attended held an annual gala just for the engineering students (mostly awkward guys) and arts students (mostly awkward gals).

What age range are you looking at? Women in their 20s can be more fickle/superficial (plus they get a lot of attention from men of all age groups) than women in their 30s.

If you're looking for a better women to men ratio, take a yoga class.

Someone else commented that you're trying to hard. I think she might have a point -- it's not about having 'all your ducks in a row', it's about having some special, charming thing about you that someone finds endearing. Is it possible when you chat with women you don't let 'the real you' come out?

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