The very last photo of Chester Bennington taken by his wife just one day before he hanged himself

I really wish people like you could experience severe mental illness for even just a day to learn some empathy for sick people

You assume I haven't already. I spent a year homeless as a boy and seriously considered jumping off a bridge many, many times.

I massively support mental health support and research, and it is a big part of how I vote and donate my money. I think there is no shame in assisted suicide and think it should be legalised (or at least discussed properly) in my country. I regularly push 'mental health days' to family and co-workers whenever I can and honestly take a lot of flak for it from my older co-workers on my department who are 60+ and very old school.

You're making some assumptions about me that are really wrong. All I'm saying is that once you have such young children there's a ~15 year period where you just have to suffer through it. I'm pro-choice when it comes to having children but part of that choice is you choosing to commit to doing whatever it takes to look after them and the guy in the OP made the choice to fuck that responsibility.

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