This video is about a kid with Prader-Willi syndrome and it's pretty interesting. Also kind of sad, too.

Yes he had a lot of extra help and that is why I added that part in there. Not everyone with this problem has access to that kind of extra help and that is probably why he was able to maintain a relatively respectable weight considering his problem. I think that is the point I was going for. It is possible to keep this in check (kind of at least, every day was a struggle for him, but there were extensive resources) if you are fortunate enough to have the access to the help he had.

That being said, I try not to demonize fat ppl because I used to be one. In fact, at my age; 30, I spent more than half of my life as fat so I still consider myself a fat person sometimes because it is what I relate to. I have maintained my 35 lbs weight loss for quite a few years now (and sometimes it fluctuates to a 40 lbs weight loss) even though I have PCOS so I find most conditions/genetics/disorders type excuses to be false. I did not have access to nurses, nutritionists, trainers, or psychologists to lose the weight and keep it off. I drastically changed my diet and started working-out.

A lot of my family is overweight and one of my closest friends is overweight. I don't care. I love them anyways. I don't shame them. I don't ask them if they are sure they want another cookie or piece of cake. I do invite them to work out with me but not because I think they should lose weight, more because it is fun to have someone working out with me. I don't demonize because I will always be fat in my head despite my actual physical stats.

I know the addiction process of food, I know how hard working out is in the beginning (it becomes much easier and turns into fun after a while), I know the frustration with fat shaming, I know the battles with PCOS and losing weight slower because of it, I also know HAES is not true and or helpful. While I don't think promoting anorexia in the fashion industry is acceptable, I also do not think promoting obesity in the fashion industry is acceptable as both are unhealthy and both target young impressionable female audiences (primarily). So with all that being said, I do try to steer clear of demonizing and you can bet your bottom dollar I am self-aware of my own weight struggles because just the other day I had to fill out a health history form where I checked myself off in the overweight box subconsciously and my doctor had to remind me I am no longer overweight.

I think we actually agree on my comment above though. I added that bit in about all his extra help because I know that is the reason he was merely overweight and not obese. I also know those resources are not available to everyone with PW. I added the extra resources in so ppl did not get the impression he was able to just maintain a healthy weight on his own because with PW that would be pretty much impossible from my understanding. That was my purpose for adding that information in there, and I think from the sounds of it that is also what you were trying to express in your comment although I could be wrong because it is completely possible for misunderstanding to occur on the internet.

That being said, PW is the only condition I am aware of (and I'm not a doctor so there could very well be more) that truly warrants a "conditions" excuse. Other than that, even with Thyroid and PCOS and whatnot, and even without trainers, nutritionists, nurses and the like; getting up and taking a walk, changing out some fried foods for fruits and or veggies, drinking water instead of soda is the only way to lose weight and there are no excuses for lack of resources because there are resources everywhere and information everywhere.

Anyways, I think I've typed enough for now. Sorry if you did find my comment to be dumb, but like I said, I actually think we agree and maybe there was just a mis-reading or a misunderstanding.

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