What is an important piece of advice you can give for those moving into the “real world”?

In this current society, cater to women and you will get far.

  1. Powerful men, like CEOs and whatnot. Still listen to their wives. Their wives recommendation and pressure to hire/promote you can help.

  2. When you make a product in a design contest, cater the product around women. My team made a product that was possibly revolutionary (cut the number of invasive surgeries in half for all patients, had a global market share of $14.2 billion, cut production costs by 85%, etc). We lost to a small niche market item cause this one catered to women and pregnancy.

  3. If you're a guy, use a women's pseudonym when pushing products like games. Books, etc. There are so many simps and #thefutureisfemale that they buy anything written by women. Case in point look at what hollywood and companies are doing lately, a lot of things they do are catered towards women and their profits are soaring

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