What are some of the wholesome encounters you've had with people in the game?

So I originally started playing right before Heavensward released. At the time I had followed a few friends into the game. I had always wanted to play FF14, but until that point didn't have a CC I could pay with. Anyway: I made my character to fit theirs (my own choice. I was dumb), and always felt a bit hollow. Eventually there was a falling out and I ended up not enjoying the game, so I quit.

Came back around Little Ladies' day last year. I finally made a character I wanted to make, and was approaching the game as a way to take back things I enjoyed after a looong episode of depression.

There was a player in Ul'dah around that time giving away Nana Bears for free. They saw my sprout icon and asked if I'd like one. I knew they were expensive on my server, so I refused at first (getting "gifts" in past MMOs always ended up biting me in the ass). They were joyfully persistent, and next thing I knew, I had a Nana Bear.

I still occasionally have it follow me :) And I have the IGN of that person written down somewhere so I can somehow pay them back. They still randomly craft bears or give away other fun crafting items occasionally to people. So I doubt gil would be something they'd like. I don't know if the opportunity will ever arise where they'd feel comfortable with letting me do something for them (or if they even remember me, but that moment was a great "welcome back" to the game.

B.L. of Mateus (you know who you are. Not naming full name per the rules): you're a rad person and I hope you're having a great day if you see this.

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