TIFU by... I can't even put a title to this fuck up.

I should preface this by saying that I know we were horrible people back then and I am now still friends with only one of these guys. I know what we did was stupid and wrong and so does he.

So years ago when I was in high school I was dating a girl that was a year younger than me from another school. We were on and off for a few years and this happened to be one of the "on" times. This was one of those relationships that was great for a while but would quickly turn to poison, eventually we would break up then after a few months the cycle would start over.

So this particular time my girlfriend's best friend decided to call me and tell she had cheated on me. I knew the kid she cheated on me with and he was a pussy. Every time I met him he would act like we were friends but when I wasn't around he was always trying to get her to ditch me. This also happened to be when I was going through a very rough time in my life and I was a bit of a lunatic. I would carry knives around school back then and I think he was afraid of me. Like I said I was an idiot.

Anyway when I found out I was pissed. I called up my friends and we all got together and were going to find this kid at his house. The only problem was none of us knew his address. To make it worse my girlfriend's friend wouldn't tell us the address. We knew what street he lived on an had a general idea so we said fuck it and took off on our search.

As you would expect, we could not find this fucking guy's house. We didn't even know what we were going to do when we got there. We drove around his neighborhood for about a half hour trying to figure out where he lived. Eventually we just give up extremely frustrated. As we're leaving what we think is his street we notice a mattress laying on it's side against a telephone pole along with garbage pails filled with garbage. For whatever reason we decided we needed to take out our aggression on this mattress. My buddy stops the car and we get out and light the mattress on fire. If you don't know what happens to a mattress when you light it on fire; The chemicals in it cause it to ignite rapidly. In a matter of seconds the entire thing is engulfed in flames. Knowing this we light it and run back to the car. We start driving and make a few turns so we're now driving passed the street from the other end. We all almost shit our pants when we saw the entire telephone pole burning along with all of the garbage and some of the lawn nest to it. We were gone. We took off to a 7/11 in the same town and waited. After a few minutes we saw two fire trucks go flashing by. We ended up putting a little more distance between us and the scene and waited for about an hour before going back to make sure we didn't kill anyone. When we drove past later we saw that the telephone pole was blackened along with the ground around it. The mattress and garbage was gone and everything was soaking wet but otherwise no damage. Relieved that we didn't murder anyone we decided to call it a night and after that lucky for that douche bag I just let it go. Like I said we were assholes and I don't talk to most of those people anymore. Luckily I'm not that guy anymore.

Holy fuck this is a wall of text.

TL;DR- Couldn't find the guy that fucked my girl so we nearly burned down a telephone pole in frustration.

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