What are the stereotypes of Reddit-users?

  1. The Karma Whore - Constantly reposts things that got a lot of attention on their first pass, asks questions on r/askreddit that get posted every day but still receive a lot of upvotes and comments

  2. The Contrarian - In every post there's at least one of these, just HAS to say the thing that they think is clever, funny, or edgy that goes against the spirit of the post/topic.

  3. The Memer - Speaks only in memes and overplayed reddit answers, tries to rickroll people, adds the next line in song strings and movie quote posts.

  4. The Snowflake - Has an opinion about anything political and is sure to let you know it, but has no data to back it up and will call YOU a snowflake if you beat them in a debate.

  5. The Eeyore - Always starts their comment with something like "I know this will get downvoted, but.." and then states a popular reddit sentiment leading to them getting lots of upvotes

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