what do you consider a good time to start thinking about your noise level in regards to neighbours. would you ever say anything to people who seem to take the P?

after 3 month i said something and hge balthered about been a ex cop, something about "what jurisidction is this in?", got really close ot me pretending as if he was the nice guy when n reality he was redy to snap. told him to back off since it stinks of drink and he lost his fucking mind and started screaming at me, he must have been amazed when someone didnt bite to his threats and just phoned the police instead.

he encourages the kid like, the kid is kept up until 4 with them, kid is defo gonna end up thinking things are normal that arent. kid tried to stop him comng outside the 2nd time i knocked because he was inside kicking off about what he was going to do, then had the balls to claim me knocking scares his kid when its him trying to fight and attack people that scares the kid. he is just a drunk moron who sounds like the typical road rager who will use any excuse to be int he right when the rammed into the back of you instead of admit they are wrong.

there is no reasonable ground with them. a 45 year old man that called someone virgin is not going to be reasoned with. i swear they are both depressed as fuck . like they got a cat not long after i called him out for thinking his working situation should effect me in any way, probably sunk in that he traded 80% of his family life for money. if you choose to work away for 7 days that deosnt mean for the 4 your back i dont sleep for 96 hours, and that it was his choice to work away. he proper kicked off at that.

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