What is the craziest shit you have seen in the wild?

Did it myself.

I was out at my buddies grandpas hunting camp out of season, we go up, drink, shoot targets, paintball, etc. We build this really iffy bench for a buggy and attached it to the four wheeler. It was my buddy (for the sake of the story we'll call him Loupin), My big indian tiger, myself and Loupins Gpa.

We were on our way to a small lake near about 10 Km away from our camp in Northern Ontario, Canada. We used to stop at all the marshes and look through the thin trees for animals, but stopped as we got older because we had never seen anything except one dear.

As we pulled past a marsh my buddy spotted a large brown mass through the thin trees, either a bear or a moose. It was the latter. Loupins Gpa, being a very seasoned hunter, had the call mastered, he gave it a few calls after turning off the four wheeler. That big babitch made its way slowly out of the marsh and up the hill a little and right on to our path about twenty feet in the direction we had came from. I slowly made my way over to the front of the ATV and grabbed the large hatchet (you dont go through Canadian trails without one) and waited. My big indian tiger looked at me and stepped infront of me keeping his eyes on the moose and he said. "if that moose comes, he's for sure hitting the first man he charges at. Which is me, being the closest to him" (or something like that). A few seconds of silence and he said "After he nails me, you swing hard and at his neck."

I was fucking shaking, oh man that moose would have completely crushed us all if he had charged. The calm beast almost bowed at us, probably smelling the dirt we had passed over, before turning an walking further up the hill, opposite way of the marsh, and disappeared instantly into the woods.

I remember thinking after. "Holy shit, this guy just stood between me and an 800 pound animal. Willing to get trampled so I could hit it." I didn't say anything, I didn't have time. Because that 800 pound mother fucker came out of the woods full fucking charge. Luckily my buddies Gpa, who had knee problems was still on the bike, turned that key and laid on the horn to try and scare it I guess?

All plans went out the window for fighting the moose, i mean, we didn't have a chance in hell anyway. Funny thing is, the guy who was supposed to sit there and get hit so I could swing, was the first guy in the buggy. Being near the front of the quad, I jumped on the front where a small block, open top box was sitting to hold the axe and a chain and other misc shit you might need in the woods.

I'm still alive. Evidently we got away.

We have a good laugh all the time about that. and a few bad dreams here and there.

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