What The District?! A visual display of how Asheville votes were depreciated to benefit Republicans

Yes it does! When Asheville was part of district 11 it had a much larger effect on regional politics.

The 11th District was traditionally one of the most competitive congressional districts in North Carolina. This was largely because of the district's volatile politics. It was historically anchored by Asheville, which was heavily Democratic. However, many of the city's suburbs are among the most conservative areas of North Carolina. The rest of the district was split between Democratic-leaning counties in the south and Republican-leaning counties in the north. Consequently, congressional races in this district have historically been very close and hard-fought. (sources below)

But most of Asheville was moved to district 10 (more of a Piedmont district) and several Republican strong holds were moved to district 11 in 2011 (sources below) which buttressed the Republican's grasp on WNC. So what happens is the Republicans don't have to fight for WNC and they have moved Asheville's voting population to a district where those voters don't have any voice since district 10 overwhelmingly votes Republican.

So what? You have seen the anger over Mark Meadows in this sub. If Asheville was moved back to district 11 Mark Meadows would have to contend with all of the angry voters that currently can't touch him.

I used Wikipedia for both sources since they are both succinct.
Source for District 11
Source for District 10

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