What happened in school that still pisses you off when you think about it today?

Happened in primary school when I was around 9 or 10. In primary school we were only allowed to play tag rugby as traditional rugby was considered to dangerous for children of that age.

Anyways, our school had a tag rugby team in which I was a part of and we would compete in various tournaments with other school teams from around the local area.

There were a couple of rules that all the tournaments followed, *No spinning in a full circle (apparently it made it too difficult for the other team to get your tags) * No diving score a try *You must not tuck your tags into your shorts so that the opposition could get them

At this one particular tournament each school could enter two teams into the tournament, the other team from our school that I was not a part of went out of the tournament fairly early whereas the team I was on made it to the knockout stages. This was a big deal for our school, we would usually always get knocked out almost immediately (it was a small school that only had around 30 students per year) so our chances of getting far was very slim as we did not have many students to choose from, therefore if you wanted to be in the team you were in.

We get into this final game and immediately we are getting destroyed, which wasn't helped by the fact that the other team had many players who were tucking their tags into their shorts making it much harder for us to stop them. The referee did nothing about this even though it was one of the very few rules. At this point we were probably about 3 or 4 tries down and somehow managed to tie the game before they scored another try leaving us with around 30 seconds left on the clock a try down. Our starting tactic was that someone would lay the ball of to me for the initial run. The ball was then thrown to me on my initial run and I just fucking ran, bobbing and weaving in between all of them. I can see the end zone, its so close when out of nowhere I was tripped as I made it onto the end zone to score the try. I was ecstatic, I had fucking done it; or so I thought. The referee comes over and tells me that the try does not count as I had dived. I was fucking fuming. I tried to tell the ref that I was tripped but Stevie Wonder told me he saw me dive and that nobody tripped me. Later found out the referee was the father of one of the kids on the other team.

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