What incredibly common life experience have you yet to actually experience? Or if you were much later than your peers in having such an experience, how do you think that impacted you?

Long answer:

Negative affects of being attractive. I can't say if I'm a stunner, because I can't quantify what my face looks like, but I hear that I'm pretty and because I'm thin with curves and long hair I can safely say I'm probably reasonably conventionally attractive. I've never worried about "not being taken seriously" and I've never had to go to any efforts to be taken more seriously. I wear whatever I want and I never get hit on at work (I'm married which helps, but still.) Even a few sexist bosses throughout my career, who made Michael Scott esque jokes, still encouraged me to grow in my career. If they were rude to me, it was more because of my gender or because they were just rude people, not because I'm attractive. Because you know why? One of them even admitted he wouldn't have hired an unattractive woman at all. So believe it or not, being attractive isn't a giant pity party like so many women on Reddit claim it is. The ugly girl wouldn't even GET the job. Seriously, being ugly is so much worse. A lot of men don't even treat ugly women like people. They don't get "taken more seriously" at all.

And on that note, I can't say I've ever experienced problems with women being "envious" of my appearance either. A lot of women here claim they can't make friends because of this, but I have my doubts that this is the MAIN reason because attractiveness correlates with more friends and more positive attention from others, even others with the same gender. I've had friends who were less attractive than me, older than me, or heavier than me, and I can only think of one who was jealous and I don't think it had to do with my looks. It was more other things in my life that she didn't have, which irritated her. If "beauty" is the reason you can't keep a job or make friends, your problems go waaay deeper than being cute. All the attractive women I know have awesome friends and tons of people who like them, unless they have horrible personalities, but in their case it's the personality that's the problem, not their looks. Being attractive is a privilege, full stop. Attractive people usually have MORE friends, HIGHER salaries and MORE job options. And do you really think a man who would underestimate a cute woman would be totally cool and fair to an ugly woman? Of course not. He probably wouldn't even hire her or acknowledge her at all.

Short answer:

I can't drive. When I'm in the car with someone my age (26) I feel like we're doing something wrong and a real grown-up needs to be there.

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