What lies were you told when you were a child?

That people outside of the church were incapable of kindness and empathy and that they would be out to get me if I had the gall to do something so sinful as leaving. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case. Most people are decent. Even the occasional asshole I run into rarely holds a candle to the level of crazy malice I saw in the church.

That's just the tip of the crazy iceberg, y'all. But wait! There's more:

  • The world is 6000 years old and it was made in six days with all species in their present form. No evolution involved.

  • Fossils are a test of faith!

  • The world is out to get us and there is a good chance I'll be martyred for my faith.

  • Faith healings will cure actual medical problems. If those problems still exist it's because of unrepented sin.

  • If you have sex before marriage, your future spouse won't love you and they will beat you. Your only salvation from domestic violence is virginity until marriage. Christians can't be abusive because they have Christ in their heart. Only the godless commit violence.

  • LGBTQIA people are responsible for natural disasters. God punishes humanity for their existence with war and crimes against humanity as well. Forcing queer kids to be homeless or forcing them into reparative therapy was an act of tough love that they needed.

  • Everything happens for a reason. God never gives you any more than you can handle. Facing misfortune with anything other than thanksgiving and praise makes for a bad witness.

  • God will protect you if you are living in his will. If something bad happens, it's because you sinned.

  • My purpose in life is to have as many babies as I can until my body gives out. To be blindly obedient to my husband, father and pastor and to home school that huge brood in order to shelter them from the evils of the world outside the church.

  • The bible is the most reliable historical document and the most reliable scientific document. The most valid moral code of conduct.

*That I'm immortal.

  • That I'm personally responsible for the actions of men based on the way that I am dressed. Not just in terms of what they would do to me, but also for their salvation. If I look the wrong way, the weight of their damnation is on my shoulders too.

  • Asking too many questions is a surefire sign of demonic influence.

  • The world is going to end any second now. The believers will be snatched away for front row seats to the nightmare that will unfold upon the rest of humanity.

  • Christians only like me because Jesus says they should. Non-believers lie about liking me and only keep me around to mock for my beliefs.

I've been out for about a decade at this point and some of this stuff still fucks with me sometimes.

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