so, what do you like, and what do you hate in fallout 4 after playing it?

Played a little and watching friends play:


  1. I really like that the game just tosses you into the world with not much explanation of the mechanics or even the button controls. REALLY like this, its the way games used to be done. Many games now it feels like the 1st hour is a tutorial session, they tossed that.

  2. As you said, the expansion of colors used makes the game better imo.

  3. The dog is awesome. Its the 1st in game dog/automated companion I've seen that actually feels like its working with you.

  4. Hovering over containers to see contents is pretty nice.

  5. VATS targeting make a much larger difference now to the enemy depending where they're struck. Also like that it slows down time instead of freezes it.

  6. Random chance interactions seem more common and the AI is way less focused on you. If an enemy is attacking you and there are some ghouls stuck in the mix they dont all 100% turn on you, instead the ghouls are just as likely to cause probs for the other guy. Makes the world feel more dynamic.

Not Liking:

  1. A lot of things that look like containers dont have items in them, but this is a bit offset by the speed you scan them. Also found a small worn down downtown area with tons of buildings I couldnt enter. Many of the vehicles that look like there should be things in them such as empty busses/cargo trucks are blank inside.

  2. Minor, but not a fan of how the perk screen looks. Also feel like power armor is acquired too fast/easily/directly and also a bit too common. Personal preferences though.

  3. Mapping secondary to the same button as melee is kinda funky.

  4. Enemies seem like they can be too sensitive to spotting you.

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