What is the loneliest thing you do?

Late to the thread but here it goes anyway.

For Mr 7th, 8th, and 9th grade years, I am went to a charter school that was very highly ranked. Like, a lot of our graduating classes had people going to ivy league schools and places like that. That's crazy, but our graduating classes were usually only around 20 people. Halfway through my freshman year of high school, I told them that I would be leaving to go to a public high school. We all promised to stay in touch, but the second I left my entire class at that school stopped talking to me. Like, at all. I had literally no idea why, because we were all really close together. These people were my best friends.

Coming straight out of a school like that, I was socially retarded. And I didn't know how to make friends with regular high schoolers like these until a couple months into that year. Those first couple months, when I didn't talk to anyone or do anything outside of playing video games and sleeping in class, were honestly the worst part of my life. I have never felt more lonely than I did then.

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