What do you think of MHA as a whole for the year 2019?

Manga-wise - I enjoyed My Villain Academia. It was an inversion of what the story is normally about, shifting the focus completely from heroes to villains. I also liked the darker tone it had, which suited a story arc centered around the villains. It also explored extended backstories of some of the characters, giving them a lot more depth, which made me feel more connected to them than before. I only have one gripe with the entire arc, Quirk Awakening is fine as a concept and has plenty of potential, but it could have been executed a bit better than what we actually got. I'm looking forward to what's to come though, it seems like the story is building up to a large event on the scale of the Battle of Marineford in One Piece. I also like how the manga has been focusing on side characters lately, starting with Endeavour and the Todoroki's and then Aizawa and Shirakumo/Kurogiri. Hopefully it won't be long before it's some of 1-A's turn, they're due for some focus.

Anime-wise - I'm honestly not so big on this entire arc. I've been watching it as a fun experience to see some of my favourite moments from the manga animated, but I choose the manga over it any day. It's a bit disappointing that this season isn't living up to past ones in terms of consistency in terms of animation and pacing, but since I'm more indifferent towards this arc I don't really mind. The thing I'm upset about most is that Red Riot didn't look nearly as bloody as he did in the manga, but the overall fight was good for the most part.

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