What is the most fucked up thing you've ever done that no one knows about?

I'm not sure if it really fits there, but it was a bit fucked up. Warning: it's disgusting. I was quite an adventurous child so I would always get dirty and after a day of fun I would throw the whole outfit to the washing machine. My mother didn't want to do the laundry everyday, so she would get really mad (she was very short-tempered) often yell at me for putting too much stuff to the laundry bin. One time when I was about 8-9 years old, the yelling was so intense I got really scared of throwing anything to the laundry. I started putting my dirty underwear and socks under my bed. Not everyday, because that would be suspicious and would also make my mother mad, but about once a week. It went on for about year and a half. The pile kept getting bigger and more disgusting, all because I was just too scared of being yelled at. One time I pissed myself from laughing and was too ashamed to put in in the washing machine, so I just put in on the pile. Fortunately it didn't stink, you could only smell it if you moved the bed from the wall and bent down. I finally got rid of it when my parents decided to buy me a new bed. I knew I had to get rid of my pile. I filled a BIG grocery bag and it was very full, that's how much dirty underwear I stored. I threw everything in the trash. I was throwing less dirty clothes to washing but my mother didn't notice anything weird or suspicious about it. Nobody ever knew, nobody ever found out. I never told this to anybody because I'm ashamed of myself for doing that. Who knew stupid scared children can be so disgusting?

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