What is something you are surprised still exists in 2020?

Yeah. Here's the thing. Zulus, for example, get circumcised once they're what you would consider 'grown'.

You see, being anti-circumcision borders on racism, if you don't context it properly.

But you NEVER stopped to think about how shitty you're making all the males that are circumcised feel about their situation. OK, maybe they didn't get consulted about it. But you're making them feel like they're fucking freaks or something.

My shit works just fine, thank you very much. And no woman I've ever been with ever flinched from seeing it. I love having sex. No woman I've ever had sex with ever said to me, 'It just doesn't satisfy me the way an uncut penis would.'

I didn't have my own son circumcised. It's his choice. But people acting like it's some abomination that's been done to the penis are just over the fucking top. It's been done by a medical professional. It has positives.

There's nothing WRONG with me. You need to think about what the fuck you're saying about so many millions of people when you just throw some shit like that out there.

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