What is something that is considered “normal” for a man to do, but if a woman does it then they will receive backlash?

I'm on the same boat. I identify as an aro-ace, so I don't see myself having a romantic relationship yet alone keeping up with it long enough to have children. I have a traditional family and I cannot say they are truly open minded. Every time we talk, they pressure me into having a girlfriend (which I have less than zero interest in). Even worse, my grandmother is going on a guilt trip by mentioning 'Noo I want to see your children before I dieee' which is emotionally heavy.

My friends don't support me much either. Some ask 'Oh what will you do when you get old? Who is gonna help you?' and I think that is fundamentally twisted. If I ever have children, I won't have them to come back and look after me in the future. They are free to do whatever. Some friends' friends also make fun of me for being single or virgin. I used to care quite a bit but then I ran out of care to give.

So it seems like in the traditional world it's also unacceptable for a man to stay single, never marry and never have a child. Almost as if I have to start a family on my own, because being a man entails affording lives of 2+ people. I barely feed myself so anyone who wants me to marry can go to hell.

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