What is your best 'Getting revenge on your ex' memory?

I was talking to a girl (A) at a birthday party, who happened to be a friend with my ex who was hitting on me for years after the break up. (she cheated) Anyway, ex came up to us, and started talking with the girl. Out of nowhere, my ex said to A that she has to learn how to suck dicks (A was virgin at the time), while looking smiling at me. Everyone was stunned, there were like 20 people listening by now, all mutual friends. To break the uncomfortable silence, my ex jokingly said, A should ask me how good that can be. (saying basically that she was good with oral, though she barely did it, and she hated doing it when we were together, but was saying this because she knows how much I love a good bj, and obviously tried to make a move). So after this, I broke the silence and told her she shouldnt be so sure Im gonna tell A good things. Ex face went full red, and after 5 seconds of silence, everyone broke out laughing at her.

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