What was your most impactful experience of racism?

You say things like "but those things that happen to whites are almost never due to them being white," when I was attacked burned and almost raped specifically because I was white.

Then you say "Or being called degenerate drug addicts for using heroin while whites who use it get sympathy and treatment," when my own mother was called a degenerate drug addict and racial slurs such as "white trash" for being an addict, and was never given sympathy or treatment.

Then you say "serving your country and being called racial slurs while in uniform" when my own father was captured, tortured, and called "round-eye," and the name-calling was really the least of his trauma.

Now you're saying that whites are "never subject to institutional/structural racism" when I just recently got an email about an internship that I really wanted: (and I copy and paste the eligibility requirements)

Eligibility Students must: -Be of African American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, or Pacific Islander descent; -Be currently enrolled undergraduates. -(Students who are enrolled in a second BA or BS program are not eligible.) -Be a United States citizen or permanent resident.

When I inquired about this, I was told that it was a "diversity" internship. When I said that as the first woman in my family to graduate high school and a survivor of domestic abuse, I have a unique perspective to offer in contribution to diversity, I was told that in this case diversity only means non-white applicants.

I feel like you are invalidating my experience by saying things like "though demographics and statistics make it a rare occurrence." Your last post where you said "Now imagine being black and..." and listed all these things made it sound like they had actually happened to you. But they did not. Every example I have given has actually happened to me. That's a pretty stark difference.

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