what's the best place in midtown-ish to get photocopies done?

the 15 cent price per page is what i've said is a lot. you're telling me to spend $200 when really i'm trying to print a 24 page zine at a run of about 50 copies, at a price that should be around 3-6 cents per printed page is what i've seen as "available" prices online but just not near me.

a 24 page zine translates to 12 pages on layout, black and white. 36 cents per copy of the book. about 20 dollars for the whole run. i also specified wanting a photocopy place because i don't want to deal with my printer jamming and all of those fun experiences that happen when you have to print something yourself.

i appreciate the thought here but when i ask for a good place to do photocopies, i'm asking for that. do you have a place in mind :)?

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