Pvt Henry Johnson of the 369th infantry regiment, AKA the Harlem Hellfighters [1918]. Despite his heroism and sustained injuries at the Meuse-Argonne offensive, he was denied accommodation and assistance because he was black. Barack Obama posthumously awarded him the medal of honor in 2015.

The European subs on here love French surrendering jokes. I've seen a ton. There is definitely a lot respect for the French here as well, considering its part of the standard curriculum at American schools to teach that the French are basically heroes during our revolution. At least that's how they portray it. Plus as a man from the country, the fine wine of American ignorance. I can't count the number of times I've seen a redneck say something derogatory about France and then immediately say "but they helped us so whatever". At least we deep down admit to liking the French even if their literal existence is the opposite of our country and way of life. Every European I know tells me the French are dicks. Seriously every single one, only one girl I know who regularly travels to Europe and has a positive review on the French and she is a French major. So she already made her bed on that one. Seriously eurocentric people love to shit on the French. The god damn continent was basically the fucking thunderdome before the EU so lets not pretend American ignorance is particularly exceptional when it comes to pretty nationalistic insults to the French. If there is any countries we definitely are the biggest dicks too, insult-wise, its Mexico and Canada.

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