What's your personal Walmart story so far?

24 years old been with walmart about 8 or 9 months started out as electronics was super excited i love electronics especially video games in my store (its a baby supercenter as my store manager puts it) so i also ran photolab as well as electronics had the basics of opening and closing photolab and electronics in a few short days as well as pick up today because electronics handled it we only have pick up today as a seasonal department after a week of working i immediately started helping out in all corners of the store my schedule was mainly 1pm to 10pm so i had plenty of time to learn most areas which is good because from than on i pretty much ran photo electronics toys sporting goods fabrics and hardware every night.
Cut to 4 months of working at walmart the the electronics DM position opened up i went for it and didnt get it but they gave me the temporary PUT DM position for the holidays shortly after that. My time as PUT DM lasted 3 months during that time i essentially did the same job as supports and trained under a few ASMs learning anything they'd teach me about management under my supervision i increased PUT times i had a quick system for getting the picks and was able to bust our average wait time to customers from 14 minutes to 8 minutes. I quickly got the attention if district manager he loved my attitude skills and orange bowtie. The very second though that my temporary time as PUT DM ended all my training stopped i got thrown back into electronics where now i have to struggle to get any face time with higher ups like i used to. Now im stuck in a rut. Hours cut constantly always being tasked with not only doing the electronics DM job but my job and several other peoples jobs and if i slip up it immediately falls back on me before i even have time to try and catch up.

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