When is it okay to ask if a woman's pregnant?

Fuck. Ok this pic reminded me of a very embarrassing moment that happened on the very first day of my 6-mo hospital internship. During the last six months of college, every student in my major is assigned to work at an internship related to healthcare. I was assigned to work at a cancer hospital and my supervisor's name and telephone number was given to me. My college counselor said, "Make sure to call your internship supervisor to arrange a meet and greet before the internship starts." So I called, introduced myself, made some small talk, and she says, "I'm going to be on maternity leave and won't be in til a week after the start of your internship. But, we can meet tomorrow morning at this coffee shop to talk about your internship and what you hope to accomplish. 10 am, okay?" Aite, cool I get a week off (yes!) and I'll put in a good impression tomorrow. The next morning I get to the coffee shop and I'm 10 minutes late (shit!). I'm in the shop looking around like a lost child for a woman with glasses in a white burly down jacket. She sees me first and waves at me as she walks towards me. I wave back, we both say "Hi, how are you? Nice to meet you." Now, I thought maternity leave means a woman is pregnant and gets time off to give birth and take care of the baby. Her jacket was unzipped and she looked like she has a baby bump going on under her sweater so I said, "When is the baby due?" And add, "You're in the third trimester right?" She looks at me with a blank stare and says, "I gave birth 2 weeks ago." Complete silence. (Oh fuuucck.) We both stood there averting each other's gaze realizing the idiocy that came out of my mouth. After an eternity, she breaks the silence with, "Want anything to drink?" I told my friends this story and they burst at laughing, "What were you thinking?!" Very good question. This memory has been branded into my brain and every once in a while I'm reminded of it and I have to start humming or shout nonsense to drown it out.

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