When your energy is matched...

10 years at my job and yesterday was the first time I've ever yelled at someone in their own home.

It was 6 straight hours of verbal abuse from an old woman who clearly thought her age gave her some sort of leverage to treat everyone like trash. She was a bigot and a racist. Three seconds after walking in she threatens to sue me for showing up an hour and a half late, even though the drive to reach her was an hour and a half. I'm not leaving at 5:30 to reach you at 7 and "start my day".

My drive time IS work time.

I just hit my breaking point and as she was screaming at me (and at the same time screaming at some poor CSA from another company on the phone) I just stood up and told her to shut her mouth, sit down and if she said one more disrespectful thing to me I would walk out then and there and make sure nobody from my company ever went to her house again.

I left soon after that anyway, because that moment escalated things too far beyond recovering.

I had a friend ask me what she did after I blew up on her, and I said she sat down, and shut up. And started treating the guy on the phone well too. She said, maybe she *wanted* to be told to sit down and shut up?

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