While meta is hard botside, sup and adc are still the most filled roles even with the recents buffs.

So "Right clicking" is considered a hard skill nowadays, interesting.

So what's Riven with all her Combos? A Godly being that only TheShy can play? Lol.

Fighters getting nerfed, Mid getting nerfed, and JGl income getting nerfed is why BOT is the only Lane worth playing around.

Top you're better of Playing Ornn or Shen ecc, so why would the JGL care about them? Getting a Tank ahead is close to worthless and they're just as usefull even when behind/even.

Midlaners got their income nerfed, so mages are Mages are at an all time low, and Assassins are also at an all time low, which is funny because Roaming Meta y'd expect Assassins to thirve, but Durabilty Patch making LuLu and Zeri Immortal is a thing, so yeah.

Jgl income got nerfed so hard, you're better off AFK camping in a bush with a low income jgl, and wait for a chance to gank than actually farming and trying to get yourself a lead.

People wanted the "Playmaker" classes Mages, Assassins, Carry JGl, and Fighters to get nerfed? That's what we get.

A meta that's all about who's ADCs got more stats and right clicks harder.

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