[WP] After both Little Boy *and* Fat Man failed to cause the surrender of Japan, the Allies set in motion the original plan – full scale invasion. Write from the view point of an Allied soldier taking part in the invasion.

The salty air blew softly across Leon's face. The fear was palpable on all their faces, but john was handling it worst. J-day they had joking called it. After the bombs failed, the higher ups had decided that their was nothing quite like a good old-fashioned invasion. So there they were, on a boat, in the pacific, headed to storm the beaches; but this time, they were on the opposite side of the world. Leon of course had the honor of being a part of the first wave Leon shuddered trying to breathe. "Oy, Leon" Kirl yelled, "take a swig of this, you need it more than I do." Kirl handed john his personal flask. Leon took a sip, the alcohol burning the inside of his throat. He hadn't told anyone he was only 17. what on earth was I thinking? john thought to himself.
The Japanese mainland was in sight, under the cover of darkness they approached. The Japanese had no idea they were coming. With any luck, they would catch them off guard like D-day had the Germans. After the embarrassing failures of the two supposed "Atomic" bombs, the American moral had taken a severe blow. The Japanese had seemed like an unbeatable enemy and the Americans looked weak. The soviet government decided that now would be the perfect time to invade. They were sailing for Sapporo and would then proceed to invade from the North. Or that was the plan anyway, Leon personally doubted he'd make it that far.
All of the sudden people were shouting, it was time to invade! The boats were beginning to disembark, people were jumping into the water. Time seemed to slow down for Leon. He became keenly aware of everything around him. The salty air, the cool night, his comrades sitting next to him. Then he felt the frigid pacific as he jumped in and headed for shore. He was just starting to leave the water as machine gun fire ripped through the night air, mowing down soldiers left and right. Leon fumbled with his gun attempting to fire back. He fired off a few rounds and began to move forward again, albeit more cautiously. BANZAI! A horde of Japanese soldiers began charging the invasion force. Swords raised and guns firing, they jumped into the fray. Leon suddenly felt his chest grow very warm and sticky. Collapsing into the water his last thoughts were for his family.

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