[WP] You are a human turned into a monster, hunted by society.

I sat down on the Chair, looked to the right to see the doctor ready to inject me with the mutant DNA. This was my punishment.

For my crimes I was to be genetically altered into a 'Inhuman' or that's what they called them. There's was a sharp pain in my left arm, then it all went black.

When I came around again, I realised my change, my skin had become this grey-silver colour, parts of my bones were protruding from my skin. But the most evident change was the almost scorpion type tail that seemed to be an extension of my spine. I examined my surroundings. A small alley in some city at about 9pm I estimated.

I had to hide, but where? If someone found me, I would be hunted down, killed and paraded through the streets. I was so lost in my head that I didn't notice the woman at the end of the alley notice me in the corner and calling the police.

I ran, I had to get as far away as possible. Sirens started blaring all around me, and people in the streets were chasing me, calling me a Freak.

I got to a junction which was blocked off at all sides. This was it, I told my self, when all of a sudden the manhole nearby blew open. A voice shouted


I had no other options, I dived in to meet the face of another mutant. She was about 6'5" with long talons instead of hands and was almost covered in scales. She ran on ahead, so I instinctively followed suit. After what seemed like hours she stopped and opened a hatch and crawled in.

Inside was a old pump room full of other Mutants. Men, Women and Children all mutated in various ways.

The woman who saved me turned to me and said, "We are the same as you, Inhuman. And you are going to help us. There are many other like us around the world. And we are amassing an army."

"For what?" I replied

"To fight for our freedom from oppression and murder of our kind, now come with us, we're going home"

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