[WP] "And why do we have to bring a twelve-year old to a crime scene?!" The boy smiled faintly and replied, "Detective, I am here for your protection."

He was a sick looking little boy. The skin stuck to his face in all the wrong places. His eyes were sunken, the cheeks overly promounced. His limbs were all bone and sinew and his clothes looked like they were from a different era. "I fail to see how your gonna protect me from anything stringbean." I said. "Jones, seriously, why do we have to this kid here? I mean he looks like he's half in the grave already!" Jones turned away from the dimly lit brick wall he had been staring at and turned to me. He was a tower of a man, not one of those muscle bound freaks, just a guy that looked like he could stop a truck just by standing in it's way. "Listen you're new here so I'll give you one slip up with a warning. This is your warning, never talk shit about the kid again. He's the reason we are still standing right now." This bullshit right now has me fuming. I've been working with these two for a week now and nobody has told me fuck all why we have to bring this kid to these crime scenes. The wall Jones had been examing looked like any other brick wall in this cities alley except that like every other crime scene we had visited this week there was a ten foot wide by eight foot tall smear of blood with bones protruding from the wall itself. Every time we ran some of the blood we got the same results. Ten diffirent types of DNA and one unknown. It freaked me the fuck out, but this kid was worse. He never spoke, he just moved down the wall with his had on the blood stain. His eyes intently searching across it's sticky red surface looking for God knows what until he hits the end. Then he just goes back to the squad car and sits down staring at the back of the seat till we get him back to the station where he is whisked away to somewhere past my clearance until we start the whole fucking thing over again. "Jones, this is bullshit you need to tell me what the fuck is go-","Shhh!" the boy hissed. "Have you found something Anthony?" Jones asked. The boy nodded his head. "Nickols! Gun out towards the wall! We take the small stuff, Anthony gets the big guy!" Jones words rattle in my skull as I reach for my gun. I aim it at a particularly nasty looking skull with a bunch of gaps in the teeth. "Now!" the kid yells. He puts one hand on the wall and turns to face Jones. Jones trains his gun on the kid and shoots him right in the fucking chest.

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