[WP] Humanity is dragged into intergalactic war. Our allies and enemies alike are appalled by the human concept of revenge.

Had we known the Terrans would reject the peace, we would never have called them for assistance.

During the talks, the Ajaxes and our diplomats agreed upon an end to the conflict, with no further raids on our territories and a conclusion to the hostilities between our forces. Yet the Terran ambassador would refuse the terms, stating that the offers weren't good enough.

We did not know why; we could have achieved peace yet these warmongers continued to push for what they called "vengeace".

Up until that point, all the battles occurred in contested space between our forces, yet with after the failed meeting, the Terran forces proceeded to move into the Ajaxes controlled space. As the Terrans laid waste to Ajaxes planets, we were appalled by their actions. We had lost our citizens to the raids just as they did, yet we saw no virtue or reason in continuing hostilities because the terms weren't satisfactory.

We sought peace as the sole goal of our war, yet why do these Terrans continue to war when we have already achieved our victory?

The Terrans are an enigma. To attack the core territories of an empire, especially when peace has been offered, defies all logic and reason. Had we known how volatile and irrational the Terran Republic was, we never would have attacked them. How could we have known? Physically, they're no more impressive than the other races of the Entente, and nothing about their military or culture suggested any difference from other known intergalactic empires.

Yet within hours of the falling stars, all our electronics stopped functioning, and the whole planet went dark. Such a disruption was unheard of on Ajax Prime, and yet there were no announcement or explanation by the authorities. "What had happened?" I wondered.

The reality was that the Terrans had invaded. Within a day, our entire infrastructure and defense forces were ruined, and our leaders lay dead in their homes, as the Terrans' infiltration teams swiftly crippled our entire empire. We were not prepared, as the idea of our core planets, let alone our capital, being invaded was something that we thought was a piece of ancient history of our violent and tumultuous past. We never thought that in the modern day such violence could be brought to our civilized homes.

I remember as I saw the massive ships appear from the clouds, casting shadows across entire regions. They laid waste to our cities and brought ruin upon us all. It all seems like a nightmare; this terror could not have been reality, not on our people.

I wish we had never interacted with the Terrans. We should have left the Entente alone. It's too late now though, since with the war's end, the Ajaxes Empire is no more. Our people are lost.

Edit: cut out a lot of fluff, still too long sorry

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