[WP] Scientists built a one-time-use machine that allows us to connect our world to a fictional one. Being the asshole you are, you chose which world without asking anyone else about their opinion.

"Well sir, in all honesty I was extremely nervous, I had no clue what was going to happen but I don't think anyone really did, I was terrified the world would somehow end when it was switched on and had something of a panic attack" I've been brought into questioning by the local chief of police, He wasn't quite the same as he once was, he was once an honest, intelligent and dare I say handsome man, He was a good friend with my dad way back in the day, someone I used to look up too; Now he's a clumsy, questionable oaf, a character so ironic and comical in every way you'd suspect he was straight out of a satire.

"Yeeaah okay... but that doesn't explain how THIS happened" I can't believe he doesn't get it... maybe if I just look him in the eyes and sit quietly he'll work it out, I won't even blink.... Nevermind, he's already broken focus on our little staring contest and is now eating a donut, swinging on his chair. How it can handle his new found weight I don't know, the thing looks like it's made of sticks

Sigh... I gotta get out of here, this is messing with my head "Is it alright if I leave now?"

"Nope, I want the full story or i'm gonna introduce you to my best friends mace and pepper spray."


'Uh, you know those are basically the same things, chief' Oh he's done it now, i'm glad he finally said something he was beginning to creep me out just standing there like that. The chief really didn't like that though..

'You know what l-' 'Okay, fine! Why don't I just tell you what happened so I can get the hell out of here already' I couldn't take it, this was driving me nuts. I knew i'd seen these guys somewhere before but they were just so... different to how I remember. It doesn't help that I feel the same way about myself and i'm still trying to work that one out, maybe if I try again by being brutally honest he'll figure it out

'I don't remember, I freaked out and then it's basically a blank from there on out. I thought the world was going to end, I can't be held accountable for my actions because I was driven by panic and fear'

"but you gotta know something, what was that machine?"

"The machine... what machine?"

"Don't play coy with me, you know the machine i'm talking about"

"You mean the portal device?"

"the what?"

"The portal device"

"uh... yeah, sure, tell me more about the portal device"

"Well you see, what happened was we created a device that acted as a one way portal into a fictitious world, I thought this would cause non-fictional reality to cease and essentially erase all life in the process, I figured we had a once in a lifetime opportunity with a two possibilities...

One, it works and everyone hates what happens as a result

two, it fails and we all die horribly"

"Riight.. so i'm supposed to believe you turned imagination into reality, or did you turn reality into imagination, this makes no sense?"

"Well, not quite, you see... either way it's the same, reality, imagination, it's all part of the whimsical profoundness of existence, but I changed a few things before we switched it on, and it may have saved the world..."

"How do you know that? What happened was nothing like what we imagined when you scientist types presented the machine and it's done nothing but annoy most of us because we want to go back to normal"

"Well it makes sense that it was nothing like what you imagined, because I reprogrammed the machine to reflect my own consciousness"

"Why would you do that?"

"Other people like stupid cartoons, everyone loves the simpsons"

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