[WP]Throughout thousands of years, you have occupied millions of bodies. When occupying a body, you have one job: you are 'That Guy'.

Egypt 2055 BC

Neferhotep pulled on the rope that was wrapped around a giant stone sitting on top of logs used as rollers. His best friend, Setka, right in front of him pulling along with 1000 other workers.

"You know what, Setka?" Setka just shook his head, knowing what was coming. "The more of these stones we pull up this fucking tomb the more I'm thinking this is camel shit. I mean, what the fuck are we doing? We'll never even get to see the inside! On top of that it's hot as fuck out here ALL the time. Fuck this, I'm going to quit. I hear the scribes just sit around all day in small rooms writing stuff, that's more my style... Inside work. Yeah. Fuck this."

"I've talked to a lot of the scribes, Neferhotep, and believe it or not, most of them think WE have it pretty good. Sitting in a room writing all day isn't as great as you think it is. Listen, you're family to me but we need to talk the hard talk. All of this bitching started after you and Henite broke up. I know you say you've moved on and in tons of ways you have but it's time to cut ties. She doesn't want you in her life, it's time to say goodbye for good."

"Nah man, you just don't get us. And being inside sounds pretty fucking great right now. Has the sun gotten to you? You aren't making any sense."

"There is no "us" and that's what you're not getting."

"Whatever... I think I'll swing by her place tonight and say hi after work."

"Yeah, go for it." Setka said, knowing nothing would change his mind.

"YEAH BUDDY! See that's why we get along so well, we always support each other no matter what."

Setka shook his head again and continued pulling the several ton block up the ramp without saying another word.

As the sun dropped below the horizion Neferhotep arrived at Henites door. Uninvited. Again. He knew she would most likely open the door with an annoyance that would almost knock him off his feet but you never know he thought, today could be different.

Neferhotep knocked on the door. No answer. Knocked again.. No answer. Hmmm, he thought. This is strange, she's always back from the markets by now. Midway through another knocking the door swung open and a 6 foot copper tipped spear was shoved into his chest with enough force to peak out his back.

"Whaaat the fuck..?"

Screaming.. Slapping.. Crying.. Neferhotep could see Henite fighting with a man. "Why did you do that?!?!" She screamed. "Because he has become to bothersome and you wouldn't tell him to go away, so I took care of it." The tall, muscular stranger replied.

Henite kneeled by Neferhoteps side as he lay dying on the ground, confused, spear still sticking out of his chest. Then he saw the hieroglyphs on the shaft. As the light started to fade it all became clear. This was Henites new man, the glyphs on the spear indicated he was a soldier.

Well, that was unnecessary he thought as his eyes began to glaze over. I did nothing to deserve this, I've been building that damn temple for 5 damn years! Where in hades are the gods when you need them? Nowhere, that's where! He thought as his mind raced through thousands of memories from his life. With his last bit of strength he made one final statement.

"Fuck the gods. Fuck Ra, fuck Hathor, fuck Horus and most of all fuck Osiris. I didn't deserve to die like this."

In a a wisp of smoke only Neferhoteps could see Osiris, god of the dead, arrived.

"Cursing my name was not wise Neferhoteps. You wish not to die and that I will grant. You will live for millennium. Always dropping into and taking over someones life when they don't know when is when. Complete with all the emotion they felt. Even though you won't know these people you will not be able to just walk away and live another life. This will be.. your job. You're doomed to be "That Guy".

And with that Neferhoteps mind began to turn in on itself as his body died. In a flash he clearly saw empires rise and fall, cities built and burnt, forests growing and covering vast areas all in an instant. A tornado of thought. Then a stillness quickly followed by a sense of pulling. Pulling every part of his mind through time and space itself. And then he gasped for breath in a living, breathing body.

Mexico 1417

"I'm just busy, I've got a lot of stuff happening right now" Said a pretty girl with small golden earrings catching the light of the sun.

Itotia looked around, more than a little disoriented and confused. Where am I? Who is this chick? What's going on here?

"I mean Tenochtitlan is a big place and I've had a lot to do, it's not you, really."

As his mind came back to him he remembered Osiris and the curse he laid upon him. He was alive and he was in the same damn situation as when he died but when and where he wouldn't know until many, deaths later, after history had been written.

"Ohhhhh, fuck this shit. Good luck lady, I'm leavi" But "leaving" was cut short. He couldn't leave. He felt he had to stay and be a part of this strangers life, a stranger that he was somehow caring for a little more every minute. He knew he'd never know who she was, just the emotion of wanting to be around her. And when he died, it would all start over again.

So Em, would you like to grab some coffee sometime in the next few weeks? I wouldn't ask but, I feel like it's my job.


Neferhotep Itotia Casey

Take your pick, we're all the same :)

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