[WP] Write a letter to the Ex that impacted you the most.

Dear Jane,

I know you weren't too fond of me, but deep down, I knew you loved me. That is what kept me going and pushed me to pursue you. I remember seeing you after those long college days, just strolling through campus in your sun dress like a little flower plucked away by the wind. I would run over to you and try to kiss you.

"Hey baby, how was your day", I would whisper through your golden locks from behind.

Then you... You, being sweet Jane, would slap me and tell me you are going to call the cops. I get it babe, our relationship was fire. It was a love fest fit for a Greek tragedy and girl, you let it rain down on me.

My parents called me a "stalker" and said you most likely despised me as a human, which was odd. I had just shown them your profile picture on Facebook and said you had still not denied my friend request. Jesus girl, my heart races right now as I think of that highlighted button sitting there, waiting to be FBO. We were so young and crazy, weren't we? Dammit Jane, why did you have to graduate and move back home?

You left in the shadows of night, that miniature ford fiesta packed tight like a small town diner on the morning of the local carnival. I know it was because I was hiding in the bush in the back of your parking lot, phone in hands, heart beating and ready to make some memories for our kids. Jeez girl, you rev me up sometimes, you have no idea.

But then, right before I could snap a few pics, you just left. Your car screeched, that smell of burning rubber you left for me so many times before, clouded my head like a love potion from a Caribbean witch doctor. I do burnouts every Wednesday in your memory, it's all for you baby girl, all those tire marks are for you.

Anyways, I miss you girl, I miss you so.

I'll find you one day, I promise. I'll keep checking all your social media until I get an address... I'll never stop girl, I never will.

Your love, Your future,


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