WWE in Melbourne, Australia

I don't know the locations of various seat levels (gold, silver etc) off the top of my head, but I can offer some insight - I'm gonna assume you've never been to any arena-sized wrestling show.

When you go to these shows, you might be taken aback by how small the ring looks, how hard it is to see the action. It might seem obvious but it's very different to watching it on TV. It's very different to watching footy or basketball live too. You might find yourself watching the screens a bit more than you though you would, instead of the ring.

However, I still think it's worth going to big live shows for the sheer energy of it. Being in a crowd cheering, booing, chanting, singing along to a theme song - it's a whole different experience when there's hundreds or thousands of other people doing that around you.

I've been to my fair share of these shows, and I don't think I'll go again (unless AEW comes out), because I've seen enough and I've really started to enjoy to smaller shows a lot more (like MCW, or WSW, in Melbourne). At those shows you can hear the bumps and the wrestlers little comments. You can get a lot closer to the action. BUT - if you're a wrestling fan, you should go to a big show like this at least once, in my humble opinion. I just wouldn't blow my life's savings on it.

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