XX, XY: Sex, Marriage and Unfashionable Beliefs

If Christians hated you, they'd never share the Gospel with you.

Share away, to people who are willing. I'll oppose you, and I'll be sure to point folks to the various sexist, homophobic, and heck, outright genocidal verses, but you can share as much as you like. But this isn't "sharing the gospel". It's instituting religious law in an explicitly secular nation in violation of at least three amendments.

They'd never talk to you about the consequences of willful, unrepentant sin.

Here's the simple fact: I am never going to be Christian. I was raised in the church, I saw what it did to people, and I consciously, deliberately, and knowingly left. I vocally and actively deny everything you believe in, including - most critically, in Christian theology - the divinity of Christ, the necessity of salvation, the truth (literal or metaphorical) of the Bible as anything more than a cultural record, and the existence of God per se. According to your theology, there are no consequences to anything I do - I burn either way, and nothing you or anyone else will do is going to change that.

And once again, I feel the need to ask how having the audacity to live my personal life in a way that makes me happy is in any way on par with endangering the lives of innocent bystanders.

They'd let you proudly stride right into the snare cast in front of your feet.

Yes, yes, it's for your own good, etc etc. I grew up in a conservative Protestant church. You think I've never heard this crap before? I don't know why this is so hard for you to get, but religious justifications do not justify anything. It is, to me, completely equivalent to saying "No, I had to hit you on the head, because head bruises ward off space worms!"

Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God, friend.

I've heard what you consider the word of God. I've read the Bible, cover to cover barring some of the genealogies. And all it's ever given me is the nausea of knowing that such insanity could be believed by someone in the modern age.

Romans 10:17.

Nothing to win over LGBT folk like quoting Romans!

Their silence would constrain you to an eternity in hell.

I am already constrained, under Christian belief, to an eternity in hell. If your belief is, against all odds, correct, you can look for me in the Lake of Fire. And you can know that Christians put me there.

You ought to ask yourself how uncomfortable and anxious Christians often feel going out on visitation and performing outreach.

Clearly not uncomfortable enough. That's a thing I've made significant effort to change, and I've successfully driven local evangelists off campus on a few occasions. Turns out potential converts don't think it's so much about love when you show them things like Deuteronomy 22 or 1 Timothy 2.

Pews aren't filled with people leaping up to go knock on doors and talk to people about Jesus.

Good. I'll rest when they aren't filled at all.

Look, I don't think every evangelist is ill-intentioned. I think a lot of them are very good people who are genuinely trying to help the people they're talking to. Which is what makes it so utterly tragic to me, that good intentions can be turned to such pitch-black purposes. It's a rare week that I don't stay up well into the night consoling someone who's distraught over what Christianity (and by extension, Christians) have done to them.

I know what it's like, crying alone in the dark. I know what it is to feel ashamed of who and what you are. I know the awful knife-twisting of a loving parent that you know without a doubt would turn their back on you if you were honest with them. I know what it is to scream inside when you see someone else attacked, knowing that defending them would make you a target. No one should have to suffer those things. Even now, long-since past and long-recovered from them, remembering brings tears to my eyes and sobs to my throat. And there is one and only one reason that I, or most of the people I help, has to go through any of that.

You can say it's not hatred all you like. It isn't deliberate sometimes, I know that. My biggest hope is to simply show how many millions suffer because of what you support and promote, and hope that the people who are well intentioned will realize what an abhorrent thing they're doing. But until they do, what other response can I have to them but disappointment and anger?

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