[Youngmisuk] Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer took one step closer to building a new arena for the team by investing $100 million in the city of Inglewood. Previous highest community benefits investment is $18 million by the Golden State Warriors to San Francisco.

But they don’t... your statement is false.

The Ducks are in the shadow of the Kings. Always have a will.

The Chargers are quite literally not wanted here. Their fan base abandoned them when they abandoned their city. They have a soccer stadium they have yet to sell out. And every single game has minimum 50% fans of the visiting team. The Rams came back to town and have usurped the entirety of the football appetite in the city.

Angels? HAH. Not ever, never will, and never have our drawn the Dodgers. That stadium is empty with a almost a decade of the best player in baseball.

Clippers have come closest, but still don’t draw a fraction of the market share the Lakers do regionally or internationally. They would be the darlings of the NBA if they gave Seattle a basketball team again.

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