In your opinion, who are the two best point guards of all-time?

I'm gonna refer is Simmons' Book of BBall for this one.

Let's guess who the following passage is about:

"Holds the title of Best Pure Point Guard Ever until Chris Paul officially takes it away, as well as the guy who nailed the most categories on a “here’s what I want from my dream point guard” checklist: scoring, crunch-time scoring, passing, penetration, quickness, leadership, competitiveness, toughness, defense, ability to run a fast break and willingness to sacrifice his own numbers to get everyone else involved."

Clealy Stockton, right? The defense, the durability, the unselfishness, best pure PG ever. Except you'd be wrong. This passage is about Isiah. I have no idea where r/nba suddenly got the idea that Stockton was a far better PG than Isiah.

FWIW, here's what he wrote about Stockton.

"I would argue that Stockton enjoyed the luckiest career of any top-forty guy. He lasted long enough that we forget his Playoffs resume from ’89 to ’96 and that we forget his Playoffs resume from ’89 to ’96 and remember only his big moments in ’97 and ’98 … you know, when he was lighting up Maloney.77 We marvel at his gaudy assist numbers, forgetting that they came during an era when the criteria for assists inexplicably softened. And we gloss over his good fortune of playing with one of the best coaches ever (Jerry Sloan) and best power forwards ever (Malone, who complemented him perfectly in every respect). Look, I was there. He wasn’t better than Isiah, Magic, Payton or even Hardaway and KJ at their peaks. He couldn’t guard anyone for the last half of his career. He didn’t have an extra playoff gear like so many other greats. "

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