YSK to always send that message of concern to a loved one.

A quick perusal of your comment history shows your self centered and uncaring. You should definitely refrain from giving people life advice.

Not that you deserve any response for your obtuse remark, I will say this: I have post traumatic concussion syndrome from work in December.

There is a reason I feel this way, one is generational trauma. My family was in residential schools.

I have hundreds of people who care for me. But no one reaches out. I don't want to feel sorry for myself, I don't want to feel this way. My brain was smacked around and it ain't right.

What I desire, need, or even crave, is for one of those people to "drop by and say hello" or to "call me on the phone."

Look at my awardee karma. I give out thousands of awards to make people feel good. Who the fuck is tryna make me feel good? Where are they?

Never thought I'd go down a dark path from some turds rude comment but here I am, triggered and confused as to why a complete stranger thinks they know my situation.

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