YSK Apple are now limiting iPhone’s AirDrop feature to “Everyone for 10 minutes”

The china thing is embarrassing. I never had mine on “everyone” for obvious reasons.

But I will say that airdrop is a highly limited feature. It’s like most apple things. A cute idea where the implementation is extremely limiting. You can’t even iMessage over it. So you can drop a movie to your wife’s phone, but you can’t say “hi” on an airplane.

This thought occurred to me while using my iPhone… does apple make a best in class app? I don’t think they do. I think all of their software is half assed, limited, buggy, shit.

And before I get the apple defense league in here, I have more apple stuff and I use it more than you. So I know how shitty it is.

Also, please don’t offer a google spy pocket computer as an alternative.

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