YSK You can skip any ad on the YouTube app

I never said they were making me. I said I’m making a choice to avoid those businesses, because they’re incredibly annoying. I don’t choose to watch the same ad 4 or 5 times over the course of a 10 minutes video. YouTube existed for YEARS without these intrusive ads. It’s just a tactic they use to convince people to pay for a product that has always been free. If they didn’t harass you with relentless ads, what would be the incentive to pay for it? What was wrong with the ads that were displayed next to the video? Hell, I’d even settle for just one ad at the beginning or end. But every 60 seconds? It’s ridiculous. And on top of that I also have to watch sponsored ads from the video creators themselves, because YouTube doesn’t give the people that make their content adequate compensation.

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