20 year old who is lazy, wants to stope eating out and knows 0 about meal prep

Similar to myself, I don't want to spend an hour cooking a meal I'll eat in 5 minutes.

My usual goto: Crock pots: Prep a weeks worth of food in 15 minutes. Chili: Meat, sauce, beans, and spice (I use packets because they tell me what ratio everything should be). Slap the heat on low/high for 8 hours, and done. Put the chili in tubs for the freezer and reheat for meals as you want.

Rice cooker: Whole grain rice and veggies with 15 seconds of prep and you can just usually wipe clean with a cloth. Half cup of rice, one cup of water, and how much veggies you want on top. And let it go, all done. Season to taste, I just use salt.

Chicken: Throw a piece of chicken in a bag with sauce in the fridge overnight. Throw it in the oven on a pan at 350 for like 30 minutes. All done. Put down aluminum foil on the tray and you wont even need to clean the tray after you cook.

Those are my most simple meals. Least amount of prep, cleaning, and still tasty.

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