I [22F] am receiving a lot of unwanted attention from four male coworkers [18-25M]. Is something sinister going on here?

Thanks for offering your input, I pretty much came to the same conclusion but I expected the interest to die much sooner, and when it didn't I started to consider that maybe there's a little something more going on.

You're right only I can know the severity but I appreciate your input anyway because I really just don't know and don't have anything to go off of. I need to hear some different opinions and anecdotes then see if any of the pieces fit. So thanks!

Anyway, yeah, the touching was when they were drunk. They didn't grope me or anything, and I made sure I let them know the next day how much it bothered me (in much angrier, yell-ier terms). That being said it happens allllll the time when I'm around drunk men - friends and strangers alike (perhaps one of 1000 reasons I rarely drink) and it always bothers me but in this case it made me livid because of the context.

I'm not looking to ruin anyone's life, I think I'll just fire them and look for crumbs after they're gone.

Anyway thanks for replying.

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