[22M] tired of being treated like this from my partner [22F]

Well you didn't mention it bro.

It's not like I suggested you suck in bed cause you cry. I suggested it having full faith your bangabilities.

You see? You dont have to be a bad boy to know how to fuck the shit out of a woman. Women dont get that.....

Ok so...she's being needy...she has a lot of affection for you....


Ok she's making you "feel" like it's your fault when you talk to her.

I mean personally I just curb that behavior by like grabbing her by the thigh. Just whatever meaty part of her that's closest. Pull her real close and say "ur pissing me off"

If you can't make it playful. And she genuinely annoys you. I guess you have a problem.

Like with the dishes. Just push her away "tough enough that its playful but soft enough that you can control not hurting her or pushing her over".

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