25M with 25F, 3 years. My girlfriend is very good at spending money but not so great at making it.

Hey, OP. I’m good at making money and good at spending it. Even though I make $85k with no kids, I still always manage to overspend.

My fiancé and I and got through it with some solid accountability.

Meaning I gave him my credit cards and he took over the budget. We have a budgeting app that we both log into and report all of our spending. Not having credit cards to fall back on + knowing I would have to enter everything I spent into the app did the trick. For the first time in my life, my paychecks last longer than 2-3 days and I actually have money left over. And my credit cards are in target to be paid off before our wedding.

I was actually willing to hand over the reins and comply with whatever my fiancé asked. I respected his decision-making, accepted this was a failing of mine, and committed to working through it with him. I appreciate him so much for taking the initiative and getting our finances back on track.

Your girlfriend’s spending is ridiculous. Worse than mine. $900 on alcohol? I didn’t even spend that on clothes. Talk to her about it and see if she is willing to come up with a plan to curb spending and pay off credit cards.

Being a bad spender doesn’t have to be a deal breaker, but if she doesn’t want to fix it, then that should be.

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